Web designing is one of the most profitable jobs around currently. It can be done as the main source of income or just a side hustle. However, as an aspiring web designer, before getting into it there are a number of web design tools you need. These web design tools include the following:


This is a very significant web design tools that will help you in handling various projects. It is compatible with Mac, Windows among other related platforms. Gimp is very important when it comes to modifying photos for your website and other projects you might have.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This is one of the oldest web design tools to be invented. It allows a user to perfectly work on a website by combining code editors alongside an active live view. With it, you will be able to do significant adjustments to your website.


It allows one to transform a design into a notable live website. This capability makes it a must-have web design tool for beginners. In addition, it is a reliable wire framing tool and very user-friendly. Definitely, as a newbie to web designing, you will not have a hard time when it comes to using it.


These are local web servers’ software endorsed with both PHP processing and database engine. This software will efficiently test your website to confirm if it works well prior to releasing it to external web servers.

Sublime Text 2

This is one of the very efficient code editors around. It comes with significant commands, autocompleting well-known phrases, and syntax highlighting. Sublime Text 2 is compatible with Windows and Mac.


Not only simple but also useful when it comes to web design projects. It allows the user to take high-quality screenshots. This comes in handy especially when you want to share with your friends the web project you are working on.


This is a web design color tool that works uniquely. With it, you will be able to upload any picture before highlighting a significant color. Very vital when developing your web design.

Color Wheel

A web design color tool should never be ignored by any web designer. This type of tool will be of great importance when it comes to picking the most appropriate colors for your project. Its presence ensures you have a nice looking website.


This tool is restricted to only web design projects. It effectively takes care of all needs of web design tasks. Works perfectly alongside vector graphics in rescaling any piece you might be working on. Most importantly it is user-friendly to allow beginners to use it without encountering any complications.

Adobe Photoshop

Arguably one of the best web design tools. It is well suited to work on different kinds of design projects. Adobe Photoshop allows you to put together various images as a single project through the use of transformations such as filters.


In order to come up with a unique and reliable website, there are web design tools you need to have. The tools mentioned above will be of much importance in your quest to becoming a successful web designer.

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